About LetsMultiworld!

LetsMultiworld is a small hobby project from me. Begun for a friend, I thought, that it could help some persons to play ALTTP-Randomizer (Veetorp's GitHub) with friends in multiworld.

The whole stuff is based on some small scripts, which I wrote myself, as ALTTPR-Multiworld from LLCoolDave (changed/extended by Bonta0). The python scripts are used by me without modification and can be found via the GitHub link and can there be looked at, downloaded and used for free.

Lets Multiworld! is hosted and paid just by me. I'd be happy, if you donate some cash but no one should be feeling forced to do so!

About me

I am a 33 years old nerd, which has too many free time. Beside my work (software engineering) I use many of my free time for smaller projects and for a game or another. This includes ALTTPR!)

I do programming mostly in PHP and node.js.

Now and then I am live on Twitch. Feel free to follow!

Streams of my friends

There are some other much recommended streamers, which are friends of mine. Everyone would be happy and appreciates a follow!