0.4 (November 12th 2020)
  • LetsMultiworld now supports multiple languags!
  • Game sessions are now held for a while as long as cookies are activated and can be selected via the main page
  • Cookie-Consent.... :-/ At least hopefully it might not be annoying
  • Under-the-hood: Web server has been converted to a more flexible variant and should be able to restart itself in the event of a crash
0.3 (November 8th 2020)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game server to crash if no names were stored for the players
  • Parsing of item names, locations, etc. improved
  • Fixed repeating messages (hopefully!)
  • Small adjustment on the About-Page (some eye "candy": p)
  • Discord button inserted
  • Under-the-hood: Started making the site multilingual - changes should be visible in 0.4 or 0.5
0.2 (Oktober 11th 2020)
  • Fixed a bug where ports were assigned multiple times and the entire game server could crash
  • Initial release